Hawaiian Tropicals Direct

Our nursery is located in sunny Kapoho, south of Hilo. We have approximately 88,000 sq ft of covered greenhouses and produce a large variety of orchid plants. We specialize in dendrobiums and oncidiums, and also grow oncidinae, intergenerics, cattleyas, vandas.

14-4865 Ililani Road, Pahoa, HI 96778
Dendrobium, cattleya, intergeneric oncidinae, vandaceous, paphiopedilum, phalaenopsis, encyclia, & oncidium.
Four inch pots of all varieties, two inch potted dendrobium bigibbum hybrids and mini cattleyas.
Cut dendrobiums and oncidiums.
Cut anthuriums, bird of paradise, heliconias, ginger, proteas, and tropical foliage.
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