Hilo Orchid Farm Hawaii, Inc.

Hilo Orchid Farm is a certified wholesale nursery located on the windward side of the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii at 1,000 feet elevation between Kurtistown and Mountain View. The combination of night time showers, moderate sun, and routine trade winds allow us to grow and finish varieties of orchids beautifully. We are Specialists in the Oncidium alliance, Paphiopedilums and Miltoniopsis, we produce premium quality plants, from young plants to blooming size, Hilo Orchid farm is a Wholesale only nursery, wholesale customer in the plant resale business please contact our office for more information or visit our website www.hiloorchidfarm.com

HC 1 Box 9, Mt. View, HI 96771
Species Orchids, Cycnodes, Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, Odontoglossum, Oncidiinae Intergenerics, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Zygopetalum, Species Orchids
Flask, Near flowering Size, Flowering Size, In Bud
Chinese Aromatic Plants