Kalapana Tropicals

Kalapana Tropicals

Kalapana Tropicals is a family owned orchid farm located south east of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have 80,000 sq ft of covered greenhouse that is divided between two locations. The Kalapana farm at 400′ grows dendrobium, vandas, ascocendas, and cattleyas. The Kurtistown location at 900′ is our home, and growing area for intergeneric oncidinae, miltoniopsis, oncidium,masdavallia zygopetalum and paphiopedilum. Plants are shipped primarily in spike to mature bud. We ship 90% of our plants to the mainland US via FedEx ans currently have our CITES permit for international export.

P.O.Box 527, Kurtistown, HI 96760
Phone: (808) 966-6842
Fax: (815) 361-4782
Potted Genera: Cattleya, Dendrobium, Miltoniopsis, Intergeneric Oncidinae, Masdavallia,Oncidium, Paphiopedilum (maudiae, complex & multi floral) Vanda,Zygopetalum.
Potted Sizes: Near Blooming Size, Blooming Size, In Bud/Spike. Most plants are grown in a perlite/bark mix in 4 pots
Market: USA
Sales: Wholesale, Retail