Cut dendrobium, oncidiums, mokara, and arranda orchids in all sizes and colors. Certified potted orchid nursery.

P.O. Box 2161, Pahoa, HI 96778
(808) 965-7614
(808) 965-7614
Potted Genera
Dendrobium,oncidium, mokara, arranda, grammatophyllum
Potted Sizes
4 inch and 6 inch
Cut Orchids
Dendrobium, oncidium, mokara, arranda, renanthera
Wholesale, Retail

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Orchid Growers of Hawaii
Orchid Growers of Hawaii (OGOH) is an alliance of professional potted and cut flower orchid growers in the state of Hawaii. Our goals are to promote the development of the Hawaii orchid industry by supporting marketing, research and educational projects. A non-profit service organization, we are dedicated to being an active, ethical member of the business and public sectors of Hawaii.

Orchid Growers of Hawai‘i

P.O. Box 4153, Hilo HI, 96720

A non-profit service organization